Grisi - José Grisi, Médico de profesión

José Grisi

In 1860 don José Grisi arrived to Mexico, an Italian immigrant, a doctor, who developed innovative formulas and pharmaceutical products in our country.


Don José Grisi

Arrived to Mexico, an Italian immigrant, a doctor, who developed innovative formulas and pharmaceutical products in our country.


Emplasto Monopolis®,
Story Begins

Grisi - History Emplasto Monopolis

Don José Grisi studied high quality pharmaceutical compounds and, in 1863, he mixed several of them and developed a medicine called Emplasto Monópolis® (Monopolis Poultice), starting with this the history of our company in the first laboratory established on the street of Medina.



Grisi - History Fundacion Droguería Grisi

In 1890 Don Blas Grisi, son of José Grisi, with Grisi® products and pharmacists from renowned European companies, founded the drugstore El Factor, which in 1912 changed to Grisi® Drugstore.


Growth needs of different products

From 1900 to 1918, during the revolutionary enthusiasm, the first of several stages of splendor for Grisi® took place. In 1915, the Grisi®laboratory moved to Gabriel Hernández street in Mexico City for the manufacture of pharmaceutical patented products and exportation of Emplasto Monópolis® to USA, Cuba and Guatemala.

Due to the growth of requirements for the different products, the Grisi® laboratory moved its facilities to number 55 on Londres street and created the pharmaceutical products and toiletries divisions, using natural ingredients to transform nature into beauty products.

1900 a 1918

Pioneer in the manufacture of shampoos

In 1950, Grisi® Laboratories was a pioneer in the manufacture of shampoos, developing Shampoo Manzanilla Grisi® (chamomile shampoo) and later Organogal as a complement for its beauty line, renovating how hair color is changed in a natural way. It also began exporting soaps to USA and Central America.


Excelsior & Garde

It was in 1976, because of the spirit of renovation and the constant eagerness for development, when Grisi® incorporated the products Excelsior and Garde to its pharmaceutical division; and moved to specially built facilities in the street of Amores. In a growing way, Grisi®launched in 1984 products based on natural ingredients like jojoba and aloe, and also continued exporting to North and Central America.


New image and own logo

In 1988, several products were launched to the market; first a baby shampoo made with chamomile, Ricitos de Oro® (Goldilocks), followed by other baby care products; and later the new veterinary line, based on natural compounds.

Starting the 90’s decade, Grisi® launched the complete Ricitos de Oro® line, with chamomile as the main ingredient, with all kinds of baby care products: body milk, powder, oil, soap, vaseline and lotion. In the same year, the whole beauty products line was modified with a new image and a logo of its own.


Grisi® goes International

In 1993 Grisi® goes international, signing a representation agreement with Helene Curtis enterprise from Chicago. In 1998 a license agreement was made with Procter & Gamble and the cosmetics division was created. This commercial effort included Max Factor, Cover Girl and Oil of Olay products. Grisi® starts exporting to Spain and other European countries, Central and South America.


Convenio de licencia con Procter & Gamble

En 1998 se hizo un convenio de licencia con Procter & Gamble y dio inicio la División Cosméticos. Esta labor de comercialización se realiza con las líneas de productos Max Factor, Cover Girl y Oil of Olay. Así mismo, comienza la exportación de Grisi® hacia España y otros países de Europa, Centro y Sudamérica.


Agreement of distribution with Combe Internacional

In 1999 a new agreement of distribution was made with Combe International, marketing the hair dye lines Just for Men, Grecian 2000, and Lady Grecian; and later the feminine hygiene pharmaceutical line Benzal.


Alliance with Sara Lee

In 2001 another distribution alliance with Sara Lee was made to commercialize their Home and Personal Care products, such as the world leader shoe care line Kiwi brand, and other products for men hygienel, Aquavelva and Brylcreem.


Grisi® Pharmaceutical factory opened

In 2002 the Grisi® Pharmaceutical factory was opened, celebrating 140 years from its foundation, with the presence of the then Mexican president Vicente Fox Quezada.


National Export Award

The National Export Award was obtained in 2005.


ISO 9000:2001 certification

In 2006 Grisi® gets ISO 9000:2001 certification, Permanent Quality Management, and also the Corporative Distribution Center expands with over 10,000 m2 and the Grisi® Cosmetic Research Center opens.


SAP System

The SAP system is introduced in 2008, which allows planning and evaluating all business processes within the organization, integrating them all in the same data base for best decision making.


Alliance with Merisant

In 2010 an alliance is made with Merisant, specialized in production and marketing of low calorie sweeteners, working in 90 countries around the world and representing 19 leader brands like Canderel in Mexico and Europe, Equal in the United States, Sucaryl in South America and lately in Mexico.