Grisi - Nuestra Misión

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life of individuals through the development and marketing of high value-added products for health, beauty, hygiene, and the personal hygiene market.

Our Vision

To be a world-class organization of excellence with leading products and services of national and international recognition. Grisi® Philosophy

Grisi - Nuestra Misión

Grisi® Culture

Grisi® philosophy

Grisi® considers:

The human being as the recipient of his own activity and nature as a source of active ingredients that provide men with health, beauty and well-being.

Its products as full generators of consumer satisfaction through their therapeutic, cosmetic and nutritional activity.

Itself as a worthy work source that contributes to national development and progress.

The human factor as the main element for development, because our people’s daily effort is the generating force of great results.

Scientific and market research as the activity to maintain commercial expansion, so that we should always be ahead with the lines and products manufactured.

It is necessary to be ahead in information technology as well as in manufacture, completely fulfilling high quality standards and leading a continuous improvement as a mandatory process.

It is fundamental to stay as the leader in markets where we already are and increase our participation in other markets where we are not, showing a professional image, of costumer service and quality of products that satisfy consumers in every possible way.