Quality policies

Grisi® Group

In Grisi® Group we develop, manufacture and market quality products for the health, beauty and hygiene markets, satisfying our costumers’ needs and requirements as well as those of our strategic partners and final consumers.

Lo anterior basado en la implantación de un sistema de gestión de calidad, que permita la mejora continua de nuestros procesos, productos y servicios.

The above is based on introducing a quality management system that allows a continuous improvement of our processes, products and services.

Our policy is adequate to the purposes and nature of the organization, which are the development, manufacture and marketing of quality products for the health, beauty and hygiene markets.

Meeting the requirements of our internal and external costumers and commercial partners, as well as the continuous improvement of the processes in all areas of the organization is also our pledge at every level of the company.

The Grisi® Group Quality Policy is the framework for the creation, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Quality Objectives.

Grisi® Group has also taken on the pledge to disseminate its Quality Policy, making sure of its correct understanding through induction and handling of publications at all levels of the organization.

Grisi® Group establishes that, in the event of Management Review, the compliance, understanding, application and effectiveness of its Quality Policy are verified.

Quality Objectives

In order to ensure that the Quality Management System is maintained under a system of continuous improvement, the Executive Presidency establishes the following Quality Objectives: client satisfaction. Increasing client satisfaction through the integral improvement of our products and services as well as of innovative development.