Our Company

A 100% Mexican chemical and pharmaceutical company that manufactures and markets leading products of natural origin for health, beauty, hygiene and nutrition.

Divisional structure:

  • I. Hygiene and Beauty Division
  • II. Specialized Products Division
  • III.Pharmaceutical Division
  • IV. Cosmetics Division

Tradition stays on, following the same philosophy introduced since its foundation in 1863, a philosophy that involves responsibility towards the Grisi® brand, always keeping in mind the quality of our products, people and facilities.

The wish to stay ahead of the competition and our interest in the consumer are the result of the direct relationship between human beauty and well-being with nature. That is why Grisi® Laboratories keeps high ethical values in the manufacture of its products.

Grisi Estructura Divisional

Being natural is a difficult challenge, which at the end will always have a shared objective, made from great personal efforts, but for the benefit of all. Being natural is being congruent with what is said and what is done; it is fighting against anything breaking the equilibrium; it is contributing so that our goal is the start line for a new generation

José Grisi, 1863